When a good friend and I decided to go on a trip to Japan in 2009 we naturally felt very exciting about it and wanted to document our trip on photo or video. In the end we did both. My friend bought a handy cam and I borrowed my dad’s compact camera and off we went. This is how photography started for me.

It was a round trip from Tokyo to Osaka visiting a lot of places in between like Nikko, Nara and Kyoto. Everything was so very different and new to us it felt really amazing.

Several more trips to Japan, Hong Kong and China followed and we had a great time. I went on a solo trip to Japan as well. During this time I got more interested in climbing mountains and nature so I went hiking a lot and during one of these hikes I met my now wife on the top of a mountain. After a several years of long distancing we got married and now live in Tokyo, Japan. We love traveling and went to Okinawa and Hokkaido together.